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Bosch Cornelius

Born 1956, He studied art at the Pretorian Technicon. In 1002 Bosch moved to Mpumalanga.

Bosch’s vibrantly dramatic paintings of bowls of flowers have indubitably made him into one of the best known artists in South Africa – lesser known is the fact that he is an accomplished landscapist as well.

He started painting 15 years ago under a tree in Pilgrims Rest and says that those days were an education in learning about people and their attitudes. He later moved to a small grass-roofed studio in Graskop where, for some five years before he transferred it into his house, he was something of a tourist attraction.

Strongly influenced by artist such as Stern and Pierneef he also made special pilgrimages to Europe to study artists there. In this respect he specially mentions Van Gogh and Monet. He says that he is always intrigued by developing new techniques and styles: his newest landscapes, for instance, have echoes of Tuner in their execution. His work is found literally around the world and in many of the best collections.

Bosch and Munro are busy building a new studio in Pretoria; a move that they feel will not only provide them with better efficiency but also more inspiration.

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