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Boshoff Adriaan

Born in 1935, Pretoria Died 18 April 2007 Pretoria is the city where he grew up and qualified as an electrician.

The urge to paint surfaced during childhood, a talent which he continued to perfect without any formal art training. He is a self-taught painter of landscapes, seascapes, still life and figures. Adriaan works in oils and has become known for portraying everyday scenes in his unmistakable impressionistic style. His work has been exhibited and collected throughout the world.

Adriaan Boshoff is one of the great impressionists painting today. He is a reclusive man, an artist who is only really happy in his studio surrounded by paint and canvass. Boshoff is first and always a South African and some of his most memorable works are landscapes depicting the veld with cattle crazing. They have about them the epitome of that elusive spirit that makes South Africa émigrés long for home and dream of sun-baked days on the stubby veld.

The final word about his work is left to the artist himself: “I Love my country, its people – especially its children, and its natural beauty. In my work I endeavour to portray things in a way which people are able to understand. I enjoy capturing scenes and images I see and experience around me, as I perceive it – as it impresses itself on me. For this reason, I often revisit painted scenes to ascertain whether my interpretation was correct. I have found a certain measure of realism in my life that is what I seek to share with others.

Every work I do must be better than the previous one. I have produced my best work yet. Perhaps it will new the next one-or maybe the one after that.”

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