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Gerber Raché

Raché was born in Paarl in 1973. She matriculated in Heidelberg, Gauteng.

She studied teaching and graduated with a diploma in Higher Education. Although a teacher for many years, she always had a passion for doing art work.

She derives from a family of artists and has always being involved with art throughout the years.

Raché has illustrated many books, among other 5 children books and therefore it’s not surprising that her favorite subject matter is children.

Raché has been drawing since a very young age. First starting as a toddler by drawing on any piece of paper she could find. In school she would keep herself occupied during exam times by drawing pictures of her fellow pupils around her. When joining the SA Defence Force for a year she was also kept busy with her artistic skills. She did paintings for their museum, a wedding’s decor, won an art art competition for Nature Conservation, decorated the bathrooms as well as doing the platoon shirts for the base.

During her studies she would decorate the hostel’s passages.

I lose myself in every painting I do and when it nears completion I get quite hartsore because to finish a painting is like finishing a good book. You are happy but also sad because you actually wish there was more to read.

Art is a God given talent and a blessing. It is in humbleness that she gladly shares it with others.

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