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Meyer Hentie

Born 1940 –

Hentie has been a professional artist for the past 40 years. His works are extremely popular amongst collectors with a love for nature.

His naturalistic style and ability to incorporate light in his works makes him a popular artist amongst buyers worldwide.

He studied art under well-known artists at a very early age, ironically Hentie out classed some of his teachers later on in his career.  Numerous artists studied under Hentie which includes his wife, Sonja Meyer.

Hentie scaled down on producing artworks during the past 3 years, only painting for two galleries on a part time basis.

Investors are becoming more aware of Hentie’s importance in the art fraternity.  Collectors are advised to hang on to his works as his works are becoming more sought after and buyers are willing to pay more to acquire his pieces.


Some of Works

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